Why We Are Here!

Created by Brian Quirt and Martin Julien


Monday, March 12 at 7 pm

About the show

Why We Are Here! is a unique and stand-alone experience that invites audience members to become a choir and sing in a site that they would not normally be able to sing in.
Why We Are Here! is Nightswimming’s site specific pop-up choir that places audiences at the centre of an exhilarating choral adventure — and they’re the singers. The audience becomes a choir and gains new perspectives on the city through theatrical surprises based on the music, the venue and the events of the day.


“In an age when the red states won’t talk to the blue states, when sports fans of the wrong team occasionally end up dead in the parking lot, when everyone is their very own brand and media outlet, Quirt and Julien created a show out of creating a choir out of the audiences who attend Why We Are Here.” The Half Step


Team + Credits

Creative Team
Martin Julien
Anne Schaefer – Choir Leader
Krystal Cook – Resident Artist

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