True Crime

Created by Torquil Campbell & Chris Abraham in collaboration with Julian Brown

Performed by Torquil Campbell, live music by Julian Brown


Thursday, March 8 at 7:30 pm
Friday, March 9 at 8 pm
Saturday, March 10 at 8 pm

About the show

Clark Rockefeller is a real life conman of the highest order, now serving a near-life sentence in a California State prison. And iconic musician and provocateur Torquil Campbell wants to try him on for size. What does it mean for an excellent fabulator to embody an excellent fabulator? And in the end, does an intricate con differ that much from a successful work of art? Torquil’s dogged investigation and impersonation challenges us to find the truth in True Crime and confront our cultural addiction to a good story. Entirely scripted or absolutely extemporaneous, True Crime is a mind-twisting encounter with an artist obsessed with how we all fake it, one way or another.


Created by Torquil Campbell & Chris Abraham in collaboration with Julian Brown
Performed by Torquil Campbell (lead singer of Stars), live music by Julian Brown
Crow’s Theatre presents The Castleton Massive Production, Toronto


“What makes this show so very smart and entertaining is the way Campbell draws you into a web of stories and constantly keeps you guessing about what you can and can’t believe. Art imitates life imitates true crime.” Toronto Star

Anyone who’s seen Torquil Campbell perform with his band Stars knows the dude is theatrical – sometimes to a fault.

The reason for this, it turns out, is that he grew up in a storied Canadian theatre family, studied acting and performed onstage for years before building a different career and winning fame on the Arts & Crafts track of the indie rock circuit.

After a long absence, he returns to his theatre roots with an intriguing solo piece that blends compelling true crime with revealing autobiography, turning the tale of his obsession with imprisoned German con artist Christian Gerhartsreiter – who for many years successfully faked being a member of the wealthy Rockefeller family – into a reintroduction of this side of himself: ­Torquil Campbell, actor.

He quickly demonstrates impressive acting chops, proving himself a funny, engaging raconteur and performer as well as a talented writer. (No one will heckle, “Don’t quit your day job!”) Now Magazine