Why We Are Here!

Created by Martin Julien and Brian Quirt

March 13 at 7 pm

New tickets released

Photo by Max Telzerow

This is an invitation to sing with other people. No experience required but it is an experience.

  • Monday, March 13 at 7 pm

  • Created by Martin Julien and Brian Quirt

    Resident Artist
    Paula Jardine

    Choral Director
    Anne Schaefer

    Brittany Ryan

    You, and your friends

  • Why We Are Here! will be performed at the Royal BC Museum

“I didn’t know what to expect last night. From the moment we started on the ferry, the pop‐up choir itself, seemed to lead the way. That moment was a liberating one because it was then that I knew we could together find safety and create space for music to emerge in alignment with the moment.” WWAH! Choral Leader

Why We Are Here! is Nightswimming’s portable pop-up choir that places audiences at the centre of an exhilarating choral adventure in which the audience are the singers. Featuring one of Victoria’s top choral leaders, WWAH! is an interactive singing experience that brings friends and strangers together to create and experience an invigorating theatrical event about right here and right now. 
Why We Are Here! takes place in the community and explores the importance and history of sites within the city. Each performance is at an exciting new site-specific venue and features a different choral leader. A resident artist from Victoria will join the creators and the choral director to investigate the site, the architecture of the venue, the music sung during the evening, and the nature of the community that inevitably develops when people come together to sing. 
Every WWAH! is a unique and stand-alone experience that invites audience members to become a choir and sing in a site that they would not normally be able to sing in. A choral leader begins each evening by bringing the group together to sing, play and learn songs. The evening culminates in an unexpected and moving way as the resident artist intervenes with his/her own theatrical surprises based on the music of the first half, the venue, site and often the events of the day.