Created by a group of very creative people.


March 14 – 17 & March 21 – 24

Wednesdays + Thursdays at 7 pm / 7:15 pm
Fridays + Saturdays at 7 pm / 7:20 pm / 7:40 pm


SPARK 2018 mini plays created by:
  • Lindsay Delaronde – Victoria Indigenous Artist in Residence
  • NickelPumpernickel – Monica Ogden and Tony Adams (Lub Dub)
  • Charles Ross – international one-man touring sensation
  • Theatre SKAM – Pamela Bethel (After the Beep)
  • Kai Taddei – Founding Artistic Director of Vino Buono (Art of Eight Limbs)
  • Ann-Bernice Thomas – 2016 Victoria Youth Poet Laureate. Writer. Activist.
And featuring Ellis Frank, seen here last season in The Last Wife, in ALL of the plays!

What are miniplays

Creative chaos. That’s the best way to describe our always popular mini plays. You could see a dance piece on the roof, a musical in a hallway or a performance art piece in an office – every year the mini plays are different and push the envelope. We don’t know what will happen.

How to see miniplays

Mini plays are free but you have to get here early to secure a spot. Just gather round the sign for the mini play you’d like to see, grab an object of admission (you’ll figure it out) and wait for a mini play handler to take you to the venue.